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Timber Sales 

A timber sale is likely the biggest decision a landowner will make regarding their property; we take the time and care to make sure the project surpasses expectations.
After determining landowner goals and producing detailed silvicultural prescriptions we use our network of skilled logging contractors to harvest timber and deliver it to market.  We have extensive relationships with area mills and log buyers to get you the best possible return on your timber investment.
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Timber Cruising

Timber Cruising is the art and science of estimating timber volume and value, as well as identifying forest health concerns, operability issues, unique features and land value.
We offer Cruising services on any size and scope of project, regularly Cruising government timber sales and private land acquisitions.  
We have USFS certified cruisers on staff and use Atterbury inventory software, the accepted industry leader. 


Tree Felling

In addition to forestry services we offer hazard tree felling as well as small scale logging and site development.



We offer a comprehensive burning service that takes care of permitting, smoke compliance, burning and post fire Hotspot checking.  

Let us take the risk and hassle out of your post treatment burning, we're insured and experienced in prescribed fire operations.


Water Resources

We have great environmental integrity when it comes to protecting and restoring water resources.  From simple projects like fish passage improvement to highly detailed stream restoration we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help realize your vision. 


Forest Planning 

We offer Forest Management Plans from 10 to 100 years.  Our plans easily scale up from small landowners needing to fulfill county tax regulations to large holdings seeking to maximize sustainable yield.  We use the best available science, detailed inventories and the latest growth models and mapping techniques to provide comprehensive forest planning. 

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