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Our Philosophy

Ecological and Ethical Land Management

Our land management ethos is firmly rooted in leaving the earth better than we found it.  We are raising children in a rural, timbered  environment and bear a great responsibility to steward the lands we manage to provide high quality wildlife habitat, clean air and water and sustainable forestry opportunities for the generations to come.  We live where we work and want to improve and restore our local forests.
While the debate rages on, the data is clear:  the climate is changing and the way we manage forests needs to change with it.  We use the latest science and hard earned experience to hedge against wildfire, disease and climate related mortality to deliver effective forest restoration.  We use techniques such as thinning and selective harvest to reduce tree density, reducing drought stress and susceptibility to disease.
Our ethical commitment; while acknowledging that any business needs to be profitable to survive, we put our clients’ interests first.  We manage budgets and contractors responsibly to provide the best possible value and return on investment.  As a small business we can leverage lower overhead costs and take a more hands on approach to ensure highly satisfying results at an affordable cost.

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